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The restoration by a group of volunteers at the Walled Kitchen Garden in Saumarez Park is nearing completion. Only varieties of plants available in Victorian times are grown, and whenever possible work is done as it would have been in that reign, Of especial interest is the newly reconstructed lean-to glasshouse which is about 170ft. long. The Garden is open on weekdays from 10-00hr. to 16-00hr, but only in the morning on Sundays. Entrance is free. By prior arrangement it is possible to book a guided tour of the Walled Garden which combines a talk on its history. This takes about one hour and cost £4-00 per person. The shop (open most week afternoons) sells garden goods and locally made general gifts.

Catherine Best (White Logo)Unrivalled talent in design and artistry sets Catherine Best far beyond her contemporaries. Each piece is born from a love of jewellery and decades of experience as a master craftswoman, and Catherine continues to push the boundaries of her art, creating pieces that are to be treasured for generations to come. In 2012 Catherine was accepted as a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, a prestigious accolade reserved only for those who practice their craft to the highest standards of excellence. This is one of the places we like to stop on our organised guided tours. Here you see not just the finished work but see the designers at work in front of your very own eyes, then maybe treat yourself to a memento of your visit to Catherine Best’s in Guernsey.

The Little Chapel is a small chapel in Saint Andrew’s parish, Guernsey, situated in Les Vauxbelets. It was created in July, 1914, by Brother Déodat, he planned to create a miniature version of the grotto and basilica at Lourdes, the Rosary Basilica. It has been said that it “is the smallest functioning chapel in Europe, if not the world”, and it is “believed to be the world’s smallest consecrated church.


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German battery dolmen gun-site
One of many remains from the German Occupation 1940 to 1945